Cashew Nut Kernels

Cashew kernels

Cashew Nut Kernels

Cashew Nut Kernels  are Processed from Raw Cashew.  

Cashew Kernel intact from the shell and grading them carefully to superior  standards required by top food companies all over the world. The  un-shelled nut is steamed to soften the shell and carefully cut open. The kernel is dried to loosen the skin which is then peeled off. Whole kernels are graded by size and color. Pieces are chopped into required sizes. After final QC including metal detection, they are packed in vacuum for freshness.

Following Grades are normally Available for Export and Local market.   W320, W240, W450, LWP, K, SP, Splits, SWP etc.
Packing in 10 kg  or 11.34  kg   TINs  or Flexi Vacum Packs.


We also offer Cashew NW (Processed Cashew Nuts with Skin or Whole Cashew Kernels with Skin)


KANCO SOUTHWEST ENTERPRISES  can supply Good Quality of  Cashew Kernels as per Buyer Requirement.   Only Serious Buyers may contact us. Email:, Tel: 9342174037